Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Part 4: Public Works Contracts & Subcontractors: Prime Contracts Over $25,000.00 & Retainage

Like in private construction projects, in public works projects, general contractors hold back part of the contract price until the subcontractor fulfills the contract as “retainage.” The amount withheld is a percentage of the total contract price, often around 10%. The retained money is supposed to be paid to the subcontractor after the public works contract (the contract between the governmental entity and the general contractor) is completed. If the general contractor does not pay the retained money, the subcontractor can file a lawsuit to collect on the payment bond; however, the subcontractor must first meet the notice requirements.

The subcontractor must give notice to the general contractor and surety on or before 90 days after final completion of the public works contract. The notice must include the amount of the contract, any amount paid, and the outstanding balance. Tex. Gov’t Code § 2253.046. The notices must be mailed by the proper method and to the proper addresses.

Once again, sending the notices timely, to the correct people, and with the correct content is crucial to perfect a claim retainage.

Texas law governing public projects can be found in Texas Government Code Chapter 2253 (formerly known as the McGregor Act) and Texas Property Code Chapter 53.

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Posted by Sarah F. Berry.